About Us


Considering the venture capital business as a core business to respond to changes demanded of the Japanese economy by the global community, such as creativity, speed and risk taking, ITOCHU Technology Ventures (ITV) offers, in addition to capital, its investees support with great enthusiasm in succeeding in their business as a group of professionals.


ITV recognizes that financial support alone is not sufficient to help investees succeed in business, thus it places the highest priority on adding business value to its investees by leveraging the global business network of ITOCHU Group, as well as the business know-how and business management and development experiences accumulated in the Group.


While actively offering management support enabling investees to quickly set up a scalable project with minimized risk by profoundly understanding the project and communicating closely with the management of investee companies, ITV provides its investees with business matching opportunities such business partners, potential customers and human resources (including various experts), as necessary.


Creating and Transforming the Society through Innovation

Since its setup in 2000, ITV has been engaged in investments in venture companies as well as assisting them with solution to carry out its primary mission of fostering innovative technology venture companies in the IT industry within and outside of Japan to become a part of the de fact standard in the next generation. As the basic elements to improve core competencies of the Japanese enterprises, it is undoubtedly essential to develop, strengthen and transform education, culture/consciousness and system/infrastructure. Meanwhile, challenges in the venture capital (VC) industry are many, such as lack of entrepreneurial skills, absence of globe-class venture companies, lack of culture to foster entrepreneurs, VCs with poor financial strength, emerging markets without institutional investors and breakaway from absolute obsession with IPOs.


In light of these circumstances, ITV has worked together to help prospective venture companies grow and develop, leveraging its business experience and know-how gained over the past some 35 years in the IT industry as well as its network within and outside of Japan.


Being faced with such global challenges as environmental issues represented by the global warming and aging population issue, innovation has never been more needed to solve these issues. Amid this situation, Japan assumes a particularly important role with its numerous fields where it can demonstrate its technological capabilities to the global community.


By igniting the innovation engine at the right time and supporting its maximum efficient operation, ITV aims to add value to its investee companies and maximize the return to its investors, as well as to become a VC that is genuine, dependable, best in the country and globally competitive.


In addition to compliance, ITV strives to ensure that its fund operations are carried out in a highly transparent manner. Under our business philosophy of "Promoting Value Creation through Venture Investment and Transformation through Innovation", ITV will continue to send into the world innovative venture companies that will pave the way in the 21st century.



ITV specializes in investments in new promising sectors mainly in the IT industry, covering a wide range of areas and stages.




Business Name : ITOCHU Technology Ventures, Inc.


Address : ITOCHU Building, 2-5-1 Kita-Aoyama, 8th Floor, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 107-0061, Japan


Description of Business : "Hands-on" venture capital business, providing sales and management support for

                                        venture companies in IT and high-tech industries


Date of Establishment : July 25, 2000


Capital : JPY100 million (ITOCHU Corporation: 70%, ITOCHU Techno-Solutions Corporation: 30%) 


Representative : Shinzo NakanoPresident and CEO